Rare and Exceptional the expertise of lanson

Le Green Label Bio Our terroir sublimated. Inspired by nature, Lanson has created Le Green Label Organic from our vineyard located in the villages of Verneuil & Vandières. The 16 ha. of the Domaine de la Malmaison are cultivated Organically and Biodynamically with the greatest respect of plants and soils. This Champagne is the perfect alliance between freshness, fruity and minerality. Tasting Sheet

Le Clos Lanson A precious wine. Located in the heart of Reims and facing the Cathedral, the Clos Lanson is the secret garden of the Maison. This historic one-hectare plot only produces a very limited number of bottles each year. The very chalky soil and the microclimate enjoyed by the Clos allow it to develop complex notes. Its rarity and exceptional aromas make it a precious wine. Tasting Sheet

Le Vintage 2009 Freshness and elegance. The 2009 harvest offered a complex wine that is characterised by its richness, its freshness, its generous aromatic expression, and its balance. The colour is straw yellow, sparkling with fine bubbles. The aromas of pears, apricots, candied fruits, honey, acacia flowers and lime blossom form an intense bouquet. Tasting Sheet

Lanson Vintage Collection Lanson is one of the rare champagne Houses to have a collection of century-old vintages: the Lanson Vintage Collection. Our vintages take time to mature in the cellar and develop extraordinary aromas. 1904, 1928, 1955, 1971, 1976, 1983 and 1990 are great vintages that have built up the reputation of our Maison, generation after generation.

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